Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love Autumn its definitely my favourite time of year, because the way the landscape changes and the trees leave lots for you to collect not to mention the festival of Samhain/Halloween. I went for a beautiful walk today near the village we live in now and found a beautiful bohereen full of my favourites like meadow sweet, ferns,plantain, haws and rose hips and sprays of snow berries along the hedgerows ( unfortunately I forgot my camera) I also encountered hens and sheep, cattle and ponies and beautiful coniferous trees as well as deciduous ones like oak, ash, hawthorn,sycamores,holly and Ivy. I think I will really miss this if I have to move to the city next year, but I suppose I will have good reasons to move there too and there is always a road back.
Meadow sweet (pictured above in green jug with creamy white flowers) is a beautiful plant and makes a beautiful tea, that smells and tastes like sweet almonds from the flowers. It has salicylic acid which is the same found in the bark of the willow, and is used in the making of aspirin!
Young leaves can be chopped up and used to flavour soups. Dried leaves have been used to introduce aromatic aromas to wines, as well as to mead (the drink of the Celts)
The young leaves and flowers infused together in tea, is claimed to ease a common cold, soothe inflammatory problems and calm stomach complaints.
You will find it growing in wet, damp woods and meadows, marshes and along side streams and ditches. Other names include Bridewort,( for its traditional use at weddings) Maids of the Meadow, and Meadwort!

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