Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Working on Birds again, but i think I'll do some sketchbook work and try ....TRY and draw from actual live birds rather than pictures :) I think possibly beginning with sea birds.... here's an owl I did a month or so back if you don't know already I love them xxxxxxxxx also Merlins :)

Green man Framed :)

 Not sure if you remember these but here's some of the Green man stuff I did for college I framed and have hung up in the house, I love working on the Green man imagery, its never far from my head or my work, its an image that constantly pics me up when ever I see it so long live the Green man :)

More Folkart Roosters....

 I've been preoccupied with family stuff so I had to give the blog the back seat but none the less I have been doing bits and pieces so here's some more roosters that now hang in the hall :)