Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Slant!

Woman feeding Chickens - Joseph Haier.
Connemara Girl - Augustus Burke.
Me and My Parrots- Frieda Kahlo. This was a long struggle and my ideas and techniques changed so much but i was happy after because i think it helped me establish a style i really love to work in ( which helped for my Identity) and in the nick of time! I feel things are coming together as we get closer to the end of the course. I'm raring to get stuck into some of the exhibitions and projects i have put together in my head and just get myself set up, in a way i feel like a race horse waiting for the gates to open but it makes me kind of sad to think I'm nearly finished in B.C.F.E after nearly four years there, Ive changed a lot since the start and for the better i believe, nowhere have i felt as safe or as happy to learn and grow, even with all the challenges, it was and is one of the best things I've ever undertaken, there is a place where i volunteered once upon a time not far from the college at all and that's another place in which i did a lot of growing and learning and i hope one day i can repay both those places for everything they've done for me and other people. They're probably the least funded places and yet i think because of this the staff and participants put in more than anyone could ask they flourish. I think because we want something to work it does regardless of money, sometimes i think money is a barrier for us getting what we want from life, not to have it is an obstacle but when we put it ahead of what we can do it becomes a barrier from any sort of progress or success. Anyway Ballyfermot and the people its brought into my life will always be special to me! Now I'll shut up!