Monday, September 12, 2011

Working not Lazing!!!

I'm not being lazy I've been organising the steps to setting up my own business and also struggling and finishing off old assignments for the summer deadline and when I say I couldn't be happier to see the back of them I mean it with every fibre of my being, now they are gone I can work on projects of my own and be free to do and dream, although I do miss college (sigh) farewell B.C.F.E I knew thee well and loved thee true! Hopefully I will have stuff to post soon, I'm working on some Halloween primitive dolls and also some books, and paintings and zines and cards of various kinds, so busy busy busy but they are all at baby and planning stages so nothing to show as yet, but it is progress, and now my little blister has gone back to college I've got the house to myself during the day more or less and will continue to work work work ....promise :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


For my sister who's been banging on about wanting a Basset hound!

Birds and stipple- JOY!

Its no big secret that I like birds and here are some of my favourite feathered kind :
Puffins, Water Ouzel and Lapwings! More on the way :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Write your own brief- My childhood

Some recreated childhood toys, not quite finished with this work yet, there is some more pieces but im hoping to get them ready for submission to a gallery for my own show in the not too distant future! I've started work on something else for the moment!

Dublin Flea Market Poster

Monday, April 18, 2011

Clay Goldfish!

For my write your own brief assignment im making paper goldfish so I needed to make something i can mold the paperpulp to and here they are....I LOVED MAKING THESE. There's Koi, Bubble Eye, Oranda and Celestial Golfish.

Comic -The Road

This was the second comic, we had to do. It was "The Road" in the style of either Frank Miller or Mike Mignola, I picked Mike Mignola but as much as I tried I find in near impossible to copy another style because i just forget what I'm supposed to be doing and end up doing my own way, I tried to just make sure the part of the story I chose would read from panel to panel as it didn't in my last, I'm learning as I go along so that's good, to be honest I'm not a fan of this story and so I didn't get into it too much, I mean who wants to be that depressed?!? seriously!!!
Hopefully the next comic will read well and have great art work too, I wrote my own story for the next one and have made some characters that I've fallen in love with so i hope i can do it justice. Laters!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Slant!

Woman feeding Chickens - Joseph Haier.
Connemara Girl - Augustus Burke.
Me and My Parrots- Frieda Kahlo. This was a long struggle and my ideas and techniques changed so much but i was happy after because i think it helped me establish a style i really love to work in ( which helped for my Identity) and in the nick of time! I feel things are coming together as we get closer to the end of the course. I'm raring to get stuck into some of the exhibitions and projects i have put together in my head and just get myself set up, in a way i feel like a race horse waiting for the gates to open but it makes me kind of sad to think I'm nearly finished in B.C.F.E after nearly four years there, Ive changed a lot since the start and for the better i believe, nowhere have i felt as safe or as happy to learn and grow, even with all the challenges, it was and is one of the best things I've ever undertaken, there is a place where i volunteered once upon a time not far from the college at all and that's another place in which i did a lot of growing and learning and i hope one day i can repay both those places for everything they've done for me and other people. They're probably the least funded places and yet i think because of this the staff and participants put in more than anyone could ask they flourish. I think because we want something to work it does regardless of money, sometimes i think money is a barrier for us getting what we want from life, not to have it is an obstacle but when we put it ahead of what we can do it becomes a barrier from any sort of progress or success. Anyway Ballyfermot and the people its brought into my life will always be special to me! Now I'll shut up!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Designs for my Identity.

I came up with some hand drawn designs that i thought we could use based on the idea she had.

Amandas Designs for my Identity.

This is the first lot of designs Amanda came back with, i loved them so much, my favourite had to be the deers ( i think this is more in tone with my work and what i had in mind originally)and so we decided to go with this idea but to make it hand drawn.

Mood Board for Identity.

This is a mood board i was asked to put together to assist the graphics artist i was assigned to. Some of the images are my own work and the smaller ones at the top are examples of the direction i see my work taking in the future. The B.C.F.E AGH2 have been given an assignment to design the fibre artist's and illustration artist's identity logos, promotional package, complimentary slips business cards, letter heads etc. It was a brilliant idea and one that works all round i think. The artist i got paired with is called Amanda and she's brilliant! From the start we were in good communication and we both want it to go well so we both put in the effort and its paying off, once i gave her the mood board she was thinking and listening straight away, and i felt very at ease to suggest things (where as normally i don't speak up and regret it afterwards) so the assignments been developing well, taking shape and its a good feeling, when you can work together with another person who works in a different way than you do but the common goal is the same, its been not just painless but enjoyable because she cares that I'm happy with the results and that I'm on board with things. I try to be as helpful as i can and give her lots of examples of what i like and don't like but without telling her how to do it, because she is an artist, and its a different field from illustration so she knows how and what something will look like before i will and can suggest things i would never think of so its a collaboration of both our work and I'm very lucky i got someone who's in the same mind frame.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Someone has given me a key i feel!

Aw God I'm dizzy with art, coming up with pieces for the write your own brief assignment, i have been holding back thinking about it so as to get outstanding assignments out of the way and tonight i decided to get on thinking and my heads been flooded and for each piece i thought of could be an entire show...How i long for college to end just for the freedom to get lost in art again. Lately i feel like an artist. 10 minutes ago i cried , art makes me so happy to be in my head. I love it as tho its a child needing to be loved and cared for. I love it as to its someones hand on my forehead when I'm sick. I love it as tho from it flows a river of answers that carry me like a vessel safely around every bend, through every valley and on my way to where my voice is louder than the waves of the sea. I LOVE!