Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Doll Finito!

Finished the little beauty yesterday afternoon, so happy with the results, enjoyed the whole process and working with organic primitive materials, the only man made materials i used were the string, the material for the shoes and a little hot glue, masking tape, paper(which if you want to get anal about comes from trees so is almost completely organic) and PVA, the rest was nature! Also the narcissus are alive i rescued some stray bulbs and sort of replanted them in the torso of my doll,there is also a grape hyacinth which hasn't completely flowered so you wont see it just yet!Other natural materials used are the birds nest for a hat, sheep's wool for hair, twigs for the body structure and various foliage for the clothes/flesh.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Doll Design Board........

Design board for the doll were making in college less the notation which should accompany the images but at present doesn't, I'm making mine with organic material, its a nature girl with super strengths like a warrior. I was collecting stuff for this for awhile, my greatest contribution came in the way of twigs which i needed to collect to make bundles which would be the 'Bones' of the doll so to speak, this contribution was made by some beautiful but slightly dim jackdaws who's persistence would have been admired where it not so pitiful to watch them try to construct a nest in the garage roof for weeks, regardless of the fact that the twigs were to big to fit through the hole in the gable thus making it a impossible /non event except for a nice neat pile of twigs which i needed and could have spent hours in the rain beaten wilds collecting and whinging to myself about how laborious a task it was when i needed that valuable time for other college work. Well Thank you, ridiculous but helpful hardworking jackdaws! I'm sorry you didn't twig (pardon the pun) that the gap is too small for you to build a home and I'm not sure how i can help you, trying to steal that old birds nest i had been saving in the porch was a low blow but its not your fault and also you should know that the family of starlings living in the garage roof already, don't want you moving in next door, you know its not natural order and to persist any further will be deemed as an act of sheer disregard for the feelings of others, kindly select a more appropriate abode and we will send you our kindest regards!