Friday, March 26, 2010

Where the wild things take!

In here I incorporated alot of what im exploring in my life, for awhile now i've been grieving my culture, and not feeling like a whole person at times because I cant practice my culture as much as I feel I would like to, its about Ireland too, its alot to go into so i'll just say being able to do this piece in my own way allowed me to practice my culture in a way in which I am capable and made me happier in myself,this is what art is about!Collaging is fun!There is alot of secrets to uncover!

Loggerhead and Surgeon fish! '10

This piece was about the sustainable relationships between animals!
Before this I had a certain level of disdain for watercolour media and could never work it right, now i think its epic! How things change given time!

More 'o that room stuff, its what i'm into....

Bedroom Wall Murals- My room is my mind!

Some wall murals i'm working on, basically my rooms like my mind, its my sanctuary, the only space i own in a sense and i like it so. Not sure when it will be finished maybe by the summer....

Spring '07 inspiration of impressions

That day in town July'07

What a day.... went into town with my sister, it was wet and horrible, despite the gorgeous hot spring weather previous the summer was proving to be an absolute wash out with almost two weeks of non stop rain! Bad hair, wet shoes and freaky people made for major depression and a disturbing atmosphere as tho the rain had driven everyone to the brink of madness, some people insisted on wearing sandles and shorts.... we felt like poo and wanted to get out a.s.a.p and had to wait up at the ambassador for a lift home, while awaiting the mood picked up a little by the procession of brightly coloured, umberella armed tourists making their way to the various georgian built accomodations with brightly painted doors that lined the street. With water everywhere about us they looked like swarming jellyfish, I came home and had to do these!

Sun Bonnet Blue and a Yellow Straw Hat, March'07

It was March,it was spring, it was hot and I had nowhere to be, nothing in particular to do and time a plenty, for reading books, listening to jazz and watching the seasons change the landscape.It was a romatic time,lying in the grass while birds built their nests, reading about Van Gogh and Gaugain in Arles, I saw the beauty in everything, I was Happy! This came from a Billie Holiday song of the same name.

Sammy Fain (m) Irving Kahal (l) 1935

as rec by Billie Holiday w Teddy Wilson & his Orch
July 2nd 1935 New York

A sunbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat,
A shy little he and she,
Were declaring love's old story
In the shade of the old apple tree.

A sunbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat,
Decided to say, "I do!",
So they rode to duty glory
On a bicycle built for two.

Years have passed, the song's old,
The Summer days are through;
With silver threads among the gold,
They still say, "I love you!".

A sunbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat
Are true to this very day,
For he loves her in December
As he did in May!

Suzanne 06

This was a painting i did for i was listening to alot of Nina Simone and particularly loved her cover of Leonard Cohens "Suzanne" music feeds alot of imagery

The many faces '06

I began to notice alot of people I knew were not what I thought nor who they claimed to be, they could be very different from one person to the next and I began to think I knew none of them like I thought and that I never would because they had many faces, I just wanted to make art.

More olds 05 ....still relevent

My brother and i did this as a collaboration, the castley inferno with the warrior silhouettes was his handy work!It was a nice time!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010