Saturday, November 14, 2009

VeRy SoOn!

Possibly over the next few days you will be introduced to paintings from my B.C. (before college) days when I spent a whole year living the penniless carefree artist life and of course arkwork from over the last 2yrs of gruelling college and my own little projects that kept me on my merry way,Promise!

ADT-Irish Elk

We were given a project called Deconstruct/Reconstruct
where basically you found and object took it apart and piece by piece recorded it by drawings and finally made it into something else. My found object was a small domestic copper cylindar and I have made it into this Irish Elk using pictures of the skeleton found in an Irish bog the Skeleton is temporarily on display at the dead zoo in collins baracks, until the Natural History Museum is fully opperational again after the old stairs collapsing thing.

ADT- Clay Head

ADT-Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori- NOT!

This is a heading we were given from last years Ncad brief,and after a visit to collins baracks i decided to depict the true outcome of war on a display such as you will find the marvellously tailored uniforms and hats and artisticaly designed medals and badges, weapons and artillary desplayed in a museum setting like collins baracks.

ADT-Off wit 'er 'ed!

This was fun fun fun,Tribal inspired....and technically wired!
Papier mache and wire.

ADT Keeping A Door Shut-

We were given a choice of titles from 08/09 Ncad Brief , I chose -Keeping a Door Shut- I was Inspired by the concepts featured in "A Dolls House" a play by Herick Ibsen, " The Yellow Wallpaper" a short story by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman, and "Ears In The Turrets Hear" a poem by Dylan Thomas.